We are a Colombian architectural firm dedicated to the design, fabrication and installation of architectural canopies. We use the art of weaving and tension systems to create multifunctional and comfortable spaces. Our architectural proposal is based on abstract and fragmented designs, where many pieces are connected configuring the fabric of each structure. We have created our portfolio through projects of great importance in festivals, concerts and events; expanding our proposal to buildings, houses, fincas, universities, restaurants or any place you can imagine filled with colors and shapes. We have focused on perfecting the technique and using the best materials for the manufacture of covers to offer products of great durability and visually attractive so that every moment you live in them is an "ephemeral" experience of harmony with your environment.

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  1   Exclusivity

Every product we design and install in your home, business, or event; you will not see it anywhere else, just like art, we seek to make unique pieces for you to enjoy covers that reflect the uniqueness of your tastes, essence and brand.

  2   Manufacturing

Our products are manufactured in the country in all its stages (conceptualization, design, fabrication and installation) based on the needs of each client. This period of handmade manufacturing is done in an estimated period of 15 days; making an effort in each process to take it to its place of installation in the shortest time possible. We use fabric for outdoor furniture with superior characteristics in quality, touch and appearance, very focused on resistance and durability.

  3   Remind

We understand the importance that the investment in ambiance or decoration translates into remembrance through posts on networks and publications in the media. With us, you will have one more tool for your event or business to be visualized in different platforms, witness it in each of our projects where many publications are accompanied by our products.

  4   Bioclimatic Architecture

For the elaboration of our products, factors such as temperature, sunshine, solar radiation, shadows and wind are taken into account in the preliminary phase, which play a fundamental role in the efficiency of each project.